Americas from 1450 1750

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Early modern period

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World History Timeline (1450-1750)

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- In the previous era ( C.E.), sometimes called the post-classical period, we explored the rise of new civilizations in both hemispheres, the spread of major religions that created cultural areas for analysis, and an expansion of long-distance trade to include European and African kingdoms.

This bar-code number lets you verify that you're getting exactly the right version or edition of a book. The digit and digit formats both work. The Americas: – Civilizations developed in the Americas in isolation from those in the eastern hemisphere. While they shared many of the same basic characteristics of Eurasian civilizations, their isolation left them ill.

•North America (fur trade-Hudson River, New Amsterdam) •Caribbean islands for plantations •Capetown, South Africa – way station •Southeast Asia – spice trade (nutmeg, cloves and pepper) Gender and Empire •How might colonial A WORLD OF EMPIRES CE.

Germs carried to the Americas ravaged the indigenous peoples, while the global exchange of crops and animals altered agriculture, diets, and populations around the planet. I. Existing regional patterns of trade intensified in the context of the new global circulation of goods.

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Americas from 1450 1750
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