Conservative and aggressive working capital policy

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Working Capital Policy – Relaxed, Restricted and Moderate

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Working Capital Policy – Relaxed, Restricted and Moderate

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Aggressive vs. Conservative Working Capital

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Working Capital Policy- Conservative vs Aggressive

Is it Better to be Aggressive or Conservative in Managing Working Capital? among the aggressive/conservative working capital policies and profitability as well as risk of firms for public. Aggressive Financing Strategy Working capital would be P45, and during first, third, fourth quarters, there would be excess funds.

Conservative Financing Strategy Conservative approach is a risk free strategy of working capital financing. A company adopting this strategy maintains higher level of current assets and therefore higher.

Aggressive Financing Policies

Jun 26,  · In an aggressive working capital policy, businesses try to put as much money to work for the company as possible while a conservative approach means. Journal of Quality and Technology Management 11 IS IT BETTER TO BE AGGRESSIVE OR CONSERVATIVE IN MANAGING WORKING CAPITAL? T. Afza and M.

S. Nazir. question of aggressive/conservative working capital policy in Nigeria. Historically, working capital was considered to be a company’s current asset, that is assets that consisted of cash and those that were easily convertible to cash within a short period of time, say one year.

investigates the relationship among the aggressive/conservative working capital policies and profitability as well as risk of firms for public limited companies listed at KSE for the period of

Conservative and aggressive working capital policy
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Working Capital Policy- Conservative vs Aggressive