Describing an individual from an individualist point of view

The Building Blocks of Society

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The Seven Dimensions of Culture

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Development from Western economic individualist point of view is the triumph of human intelligence and spirit over the animal body with increasingly improving mechanisms (the capitalist machine, markets, tech) to provide for those needs.

Individualism is the proper approach to this problem. Moral judgments are made by moral agents. The person making the decision gets credit or blame for it.

How republicans view the polls

Values are agent-relative, and the person makes his choices by seeing how the value impacts his life. It is the individual that ethics is concerned with, and collectivism just obscures this point. Works of World Literature Student: Nadir Minbashiyev February 29, What is individual from an individualistic point of view Individual in my point of view is an I.

Self Concept

sympathetic or even neutral point of view. Practically everyone who writes about Economic liberalism and neoliberalism should, in our view, be held separate from liberalism rights of the individual” (Oxford English Dictionary a).

While these definitions are somewhat illuminating, they do need further elaboration, which we intend. For brief expert summaries of both "schools" from the individualist point of view see Victor Yarros, article "Individualist or Philosophical Anarch- ism,"and Clarence Lee Swartz, article "Anarchist Communism,"

Describing an individual from an individualist point of view
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