Factors affecting maritime graduates to work

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Factors Affecting Students' Performance

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Maritime Education

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The aim of this study was achieved by identifying factors that affect to adopt maritime education and training system. Maritime students graduated from public schools have significantly higher chance of being inf Several factors may be considered in selecting school and degree program like quality education, the people from the environment, personal choice; and accessibility of the school from students' residences.

This study was conducted to examine different factors influencing the academic performance of secondary school students in a metropolitan city of Pakistan.

The researchers were motivated to conduct a study that will identify the factors affecting maritime graduates to work on international ships and determine the most important factor. Statement of the Problem This study focuses on the factors affecting maritime students to work on international ships.

Read this essay on Maritime Students. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. piece of work demonstrates, “admiralty and maritime law” covers a broad range of subjects.

This field of law has its own rules relating to jurisdiction and procedure.

BS in Marine Transportation in the Philippines

(Factors Affect the Academic Performance of Selected Working. needed to work on ships for shipping companies. In the international Therefore, the maritime education and training graduates are required to have a good standard of English competency.

They must be able to Factors Affecting Maritime Students’ Achievements in Maritime English (S. A.

Maritime Education

Gani & R. A. Adnansyah).

Factors affecting maritime graduates to work
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