Health effects of hazardous chemicals from old electronics

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Electronics safety pages

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Chemical Hazards

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Where’s the Harm – Recycling or Disposal?

Toxic Effects of Chemical Exposure. The effects of exposure to a chemical is dependent on many factors. Those factors include: The dose is the amount of a chemical that actually enters the body.

The dose of a chemical that a person receives is dependent on the concentration of the chemical and frequency and duration of the exposure. Health hazards also result from the mixture of chemicals people are exposed to. A combination of many chemicals can impose greater risks by virtue of the varied types of damage they can cause.

In addition, many of them attack the same parts of the human body, causing greater damage through the cumulative effects of multiple chemical. Health Effects from Chemical Exposure. For more information on certain chemicals, such as the likely health effects, People can be exposed to hazardous chemicals in soil, sediment, or dust if they accidentally ingest it, breathe it in, or have direct skin contact.

Children are highly susceptible to these exposure pathways. Mar 31,  · The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the agency that many Americans love to hate and industry calls overzealous, has largely .

Health effects of hazardous chemicals from old electronics
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