Sms based home appliance control system

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Home Appliance and Control System (HACS)

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This video is about Home Automation system which has a security feature. This security feature is uing your mobile phone to send sms to the system to either put on or off your home appliance or get update on temperature in your room. GSM-based wireless home appliances monitoring & control system Abstract: This paper presents the emerging applications of the GSM technology.

Using the public GSM networks, a home automation system has been proposed, designed, implemented and tested. SMS Based Wireless Home Appliance Control System Related Work Delgado, Picking, and Grout () consider the problems with the implementation of home.

In this article I will discus a device that can switch on/off any home appliance like fan, lights, fridges etc upon receiving commands from any remote mobile phone. An IOT Based Appliances Control for Smart Homes Home appliance control through android mobile phone Image will broadcast to the predefined email Sensor interface with Controller and driving one Intelligent Remote Control System For Home Automation And Reduceā€.

System prototype of A GSM enabled home appliance control system, where sms is used to turn on and off of Electrical appliances. any phone with SMS capability can be used, there also exist feedback to reply if the Appliance is actually turned on/off.

Sms based home appliance control system
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