The efficacy of anacardic acid from

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Anacardic acids

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You’ve Got to be Nuts to Eat a Cashew Nut Shell

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By Vince Giuliano and James P Watson Continuing a tradition in this blog of reviewing particularly interesting phytochemicals, we here discuss research on health-related properties and applications of anacardic acid.

Although much of the research on anacardic acid has been Continue reading →. The Inhibitory Effects of Anacardic Acid on Hepatitis C Virus Life Cycle Current anti-HCV therapies involving direct-acting antivirals have significantly enhanced efficacy in comparison to.


Abstract: Anacardic acid (AA) is a bioactive phytochemical found in nutshell of Anacardium occidentale. Chemically, it is a mixture of several closely related organic compounds, each consisting of salicylic acid substituted with an alkyl chain.

In these, diverse biosynthetic steps abound: the seven-atom ring (seven-membered ring) appearing in theaflavin structure above is an example of a "carbocycle" that is of a nonbenzenoid aromatic tropolone type.

In addition, there are periodic occurrences of. Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a small positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus that causes severe liver diseases. Current anti-HCV therapies involving direct-acting antivirals have significantly enhanced efficacy in comparison to traditional interferon and ribavirin combination.

However, further. Improved antitumor efficacy and reduced toxicity of docetaxel using anacardic acid functionalized stealth liposomes.

The efficacy of anacardic acid from
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