Zero effort networks zen works uses and specs

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Overview on ZEN Works

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ZENworks 11 is comprised of four products that share a single, unified web-based management console and agent. ZENworks 11 gives you a unique identity-based approach to endpoint management.

With ZENworks 11, you have the ability to “turn on” any of the four products with a few mouse clicks/5(5). The name ZENworks is short for "Zero Effort Networks." The name is not intended to imply that Novell is able to eliminate the work and effort associated with deploying and maintaining a network on the administrative side (although ZENworks does significantly reduce the costs and complexities of maintaining networked PCs).

The Goal: Total Management, Zero Effort Over the last decade, Novell ZENworks has provided the gold standard for centralized configuration and management of network endpoints in today’s complex and heterogeneous corporate networks.

ZENworks (ZEN = Zero Effort Networks) Suite is a set of programs named to reflect the zero effort required by end users and the minimal effort necessary for.

An Introduction to ZENworks: Zero Effort Networking for Users

What Is ZENworks? ZENworks (‘ZEN’ stands for Zero Effort Networking) is an integrated set of technologies that lets Novell administrators deliver and manage applications, configure Windows desktops, and remotely repair workstation problems using a single management utility.

Zero effort networks zen works uses and specs
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The Goal: Total Management, Zero Effort - ZENworks Configuration Management - Best Practices Guide